Martinez Landscaping is your planting specialist!

Trees, shrubs, flowers, turf, and soil all combine as the softscape in landscape design.

The term softscape is an expression that covers the use of all living material and manipulation of the earth. We install turf, annuals, bulbs, ground cover, perennials, shrubs and trees! We use only quality plant material tailored to the conditions on your property and hand-select all material we install. All material is reviewed and inspected prior to installation.

As a landscaper, softscaping is where our true passion lies. Creating long lasting, low maintenance garden environments that compliment the architecture of your home or property. We take care to choose plants that grow to their full potential with minimal pruning or over-crowding their space. Combining plant shapes, colors, textures, and form is something we take great care in to create a natural looking beautiful garden environment.

Do you want to start with young plants that will grow and fill out, or do you want an appearance of greater age and maturity? If there are no site limitations, it is possible to install unbelievably mature plant material. The only limitation you have is your imagination.